WFilter 3.1 beta1 is released.
Published 2006-09-14 09:00
WFilter 3.1 beta1 is released. The new version supports monitoring of several type of file transfers.And it can monitor up to 68 common protocols,but has a few bugs.

WFilter v3.0 is released.
Published 2006-03-08 09:00
WFilter v3.0 is released. The new version improved a lot on block policy and management features. Some new features are added: key words alert, MSN file transfer, manage operators, Statistic Report System.

WFilter v2.2 is released.
Published 2005-11-21 09:00
WFilter v2.2 is released. New UI is implemented, The new version enhanced block policy, You may set the block policy for every computer to block web surfing, mail sending and recving, IM tools, downloading files, Bittorrent and so on.

IMMonitor Enterprise v2.1 is released.
Published 2005-10-11 09:00
IMMonitor Enterprise v2.1 is released. Some bugs are fixed. And improved a lot of IM content monitor.

WFilter 2.1 is released.
Published 2005-09-25 09:00
WFilter 2.1 is released. WFilter can monitor all the traffics in you lan. And you can control IM usage of several IM tools.

Published 2017-02-20 17:21:19
1. Added option to keep historic data when upgrading.
2. Optimized sqlite database writing and reading.
3. UI improvement and bug fix of real-time bandwidth, ISP and groups.
4. Improvement of report query performance.
5. Fixed bugs of report and query by usernames.

Published 2017-01-24 13:46:28
1. Fixed some UI bugs.
2. Fixed a memory leak bug when usage recording is enabled.
3. Improved report performance.
4. Added MAC binding options in ISP.
5. Added settings and email alert for expiring and expired users.
6. Fixed webauth bug when there have spaces in usernames.
7. Improvement of realtime bandwidth display issues.
8. Fixed the bandwidth report inconsistency issue between WFilter NGF and WFilter Enterprise.

Published 2016-12-28 16:12:37
1. Fixed some UI bugs.
2. Performance optimization.
3. Fixed rate limit delay issue of "bandwidth shaper".

Published 2016-12-12 13:58:06
1. Improvement of ISP module: column sort, changing of user virtual group.
2. "Static IP" of WAN interface can set primary IP and extended IPs.
3. Enlarge LAN DHCP range.
4. Remove aliwangwang in IMFilter.
5. Performance tunning, fixed "conntrack table full" issue.
6. Added "match first" and "march all" settings for AppControl.
7. "Web Auth" added support of MAC binding.
8. Rewrite of "bandwidth Shaper" module.
9. Fixed other minor bugs.

Published 2016-11-10 17:23:48
1. Add recording of mobile QQ IDs.
2. Improvement of plugin online update.
3. NAT discover bug of detecting IOS.
4. Fixed some other UI bugs.