WFilter Enterprise is renamed to WFilter ICF.
Published 2017-03-09 14:27
WFilter Enterprise is renamed to WFilter Internet Content Filter(WFilter ICF).

WFilterROS is renamed to WFilter NG Firewall.
Published 2016-09-07 15:28
For better understanding, WFilterROS is renamed to WFilter NG Firewall.

Published 2016-01-05 10:33
We're pleased to announce the beta release of our new product "WFilter ROS". It's a linux based firewall system, with most of WFilter Enterprse's features, together with "bandwidth shaper", "vpn" and "user authentication" features.

WFilter en.4.1 version is released.
Published 2014-05-28 18:09
The release version of WFilter 4.1 is published. Enjoy!

WFilter en.4.1 beta3 version is released.
Published 2014-04-22 16:21
WFilter 4.1 beta3 version is the pre-release version of WFilter 4.1. It's almost the same as the final release version. Final release will come within one month.

Published 2013-01-01 13:26:39
1. UI improvement for IE.
2. URL auto categorize does not work in the previous version of WFilter.

Published 2012-12-14 13:02:00
Fixed a potential memory leak bug.

Published 2012-12-09 13:29:29
1. Fix some UI issue under IE 10.
2. Add support for windows 8 64bit and windows 2012.
3. Add support for tm2009.
4. Optimize database writing performance.

Published 2012-11-20 09:34:35
1. Improve QQ2012 support.
2. Add support of MySQL ODBC driver 5.2.2.
3. Fix bug of saving settings by none admin users.
4. Fix bug of AD monitoring when account name has space.

Published 2012-10-15 02:21:38
Fixed a bug which can cause frequent process crash.