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XunLei ports range, how to block XunLei in network?

Support: WFilter zh.4.0, WFilter en.4.0, WFilter Free 1.0
  Author: imfirewall  
      Xunlei which based in Shenzhen in China provides a peer-to-peer file sharing service.  

This protocol is official supported and installed by default.


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Xunlei can be completely supported. But I have to block udp ports 1024-65534 in my router.
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XunLei uses both TCP and UDP protocol for communication.

TCP traffic analysis

Ports Range

Remote tcp port(s): 80, 6666.

HTTP traffic analysis

HTTP traffic is found in XunLei's traffic.

Host(s) being connected(regular expression): ^.*$,,

It also uses a particular UserAgent(regular expression): WebThunder.

UDP traffic analysis

Ports Range

Local udp port(s): 10000.

Remote udp port(s): 10000.

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