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Youtube ports range, how to block Youtube in network?

Support: WFilter Free 1.0, WFilter zh.4.1, WFilter en.4.1
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      YouTube is a video-sharing website, which users can upload, view and share videos.  

This protocol is shared by another user. You can install it in "System Settings"->"Protocols" of WFilter.


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how to block youtube
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"Youtube" uses TCP protocol for communication.

TCP traffic analysis

Ports Range

Remote tcp port(s): 80, 443.

HTTP traffic analysis

HTTP traffic is found in Youtube's traffic.

Host(s) being connected(regular expression): ^www\.youtube\.com.

TLS traffic analysis

TLS connections are found in Youtube's traffic.

TLS Host(s) being connected(regular expression): ^.*\.youtube\.com$, ^(.*\.googlevideo\.com|youtubei\.googleapis\.com)$, ^.*\.ytimg\.com$, ^yt.*\.ggpht\.com$.

How to block Youtube?

  • Block the listed ports to block Youtube.
  • Block the listed http and tls domains to block Youtube.
  • Setup a content filter(ie: WFilter), which can block Youtube via signature matching.

Youtube v4.0(2018-02-08 22:52:14)

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Youtube v3.0(2016-04-29 03:52:31)

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Youtube v2.0(2014-07-03 01:36:52)

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Youtube v1.0(2013-10-14 02:12:39)

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